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LUXMAX Animer and price revision Womens Kitten Heel Ankle Boots Toe with Max 74% OFF Pointy Bow Bootie

LUXMAX Womens Kitten Heel Ankle Boots with Bow Pointy Toe Bootie


LUXMAX Womens Kitten Heel Ankle Boots with Bow Pointy Toe Bootie

Product description

Outer Material : Synthetic
Inner Material : Manmade
Special Features : Bowknot
Heel Type : Kitten Heel
Closure Type : Zip
Toe Style : Pointed Toe
Transport Times :7-14 working days

Question amp; Answer :
Q1: What should I do if I have any questions?
A1: Please send the email to tell us your questions first,we will reply you in as soon as possible(except holiday) and attempt to explore the best settlement to help you!

Q2: What should I do if there are any problems with the product?
A2: Please send us an email with the picture of the problem shoes, which can help us to solve the problem exactly in time!

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LUXMAX Womens Kitten Heel Ankle Boots with Bow Pointy Toe Bootie

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