AA Warehousing Drawer Charlotte Mall Brown Cabinet Filing $264 AA Warehousing Drawer Filing Cabinet, Brown Home Kitchen Furniture Filing,$264,saludger.cl,Drawer,Warehousing,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/Gyges980110.html,Brown,Cabinet,,AA $264 AA Warehousing Drawer Filing Cabinet, Brown Home Kitchen Furniture AA Warehousing Drawer Charlotte Mall Brown Cabinet Filing Filing,$264,saludger.cl,Drawer,Warehousing,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/Gyges980110.html,Brown,Cabinet,,AA

AA Warehousing Drawer store Charlotte Mall Brown Cabinet Filing

AA Warehousing Drawer Filing Cabinet, Brown


AA Warehousing Drawer Filing Cabinet, Brown

Product description

The turn of the century 2 drawer filing cabinet or side table is hand made of solid wood and only the best materials available. AA Warehousing has designed this authentic piece of furniture to be functional as well as add distinction to the room it is in. Solid built and extremely sturdy the two drawer cabinet will safely store legal size documents and will accommodate the folders used for filing cabinets or it is also perfect for a night stand or side table. This very versatile item is of distinct style and quality construction will surely be passed on for generations.

AA Warehousing Drawer Filing Cabinet, Brown

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