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Sttech1 Limited time trial price Womens Puffer Long Jacket Outerw OFFicial store Warmth Dye Printed Tie

Sttech1 Womens Puffer Long Jacket, Tie Dye Printed Warmth Outerw


Sttech1 Womens Puffer Long Jacket, Tie Dye Printed Warmth Outerw

Product description


➤➤ About Shipment- We shipped items from China. We shipped usually needs 15-25days to arrive. Mostly it will reach you earlier than the estimated date.➤➤ So you can place an order in advance.

➤➤ When washing, it is best to wash by hand, gently rub off the dirt, it is best not to machine wash, strong friction may damage the clothes, hang to dry, no ironing.


???Size Chart:

✿Size:XXS Bust:86cm/33.86'' Sleeve:58cm/22.83'' Length:84cm/33.07''

✿Size:XS Bust:92cm/36.22'' Sleeve:60cm/23.62'' Length:86cm/33.86''

✿Size:S Bust:98cm/38.58'' Sleeve:62cm/24.41'' Length:88cm/34.65''

✿Size:M Bust:104cm/40.94'' Sleeve:64cm/25.20'' Length:90cm/35.43''

✿Size:L Bust:110cm/43.31'' Sleeve:66cm/25.98'' Length:92cm/36.22''

✿Size:XL Bust:116cm/45.67'' Sleeve:68cm/26.77'' Length:94cm/37.01''

✿Size:XXL Bust:122cm/48.03'' Sleeve:70cm/27.56'' Length:96cm/37.80''

✿Size:XXXL Bust:128cm/50.39'' Sleeve:72cm/28.35'' Length:98cm/38.58''

✿Size:XXXXL Bust:134cm/52.76'' Sleeve:74cm/29.13'' Length:100cm/39.37''


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Sttech1 Womens Puffer Long Jacket, Tie Dye Printed Warmth Outerw

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