Women's,Drawstring,Shorts,Sol,Waist,Falags,Summer,$7,saludger.cl,Elastic,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Casual,/astrometeorology1245821.html $7 Falags Women's Casual Shorts Summer Drawstring Elastic Waist Sol Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $7 Falags Women's Casual Shorts Summer Drawstring Elastic Waist Sol Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Falags Women's Casual Shorts Summer Sol Drawstring Elastic Waist Limited time cheap sale Falags Women's Casual Shorts Summer Sol Drawstring Elastic Waist Limited time cheap sale Women's,Drawstring,Shorts,Sol,Waist,Falags,Summer,$7,saludger.cl,Elastic,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Casual,/astrometeorology1245821.html

Falags Women's Casual Shorts Summer Sol Drawstring Elastic Waist Limited time cheap Oakland Mall sale

Falags Women's Casual Shorts Summer Drawstring Elastic Waist Sol


Falags Women's Casual Shorts Summer Drawstring Elastic Waist Sol

Product description

Material:Made of Linen Fabric, Lightweight, Breathable, Comfortable to Wear;Casual and skin-friendly fabric with distressed style,it is perfect to match with various blouses,Wide and comfortable shorts legs can bring you the perfect wearing experience.
It is in perfect length, not too long or short, made of high quality lightweight fabric with a cozy elastic drawstring waist, keeps you soft all day, and makes you the perfect wearing experience,great for Spring Autumn and Summer, You Can Wear As Pajama Shorts, Suitable For Daily Life,Casual,Home,Pajamas Pant,Lounge Wear,Sleepwear,Bedroom,Bathroom,School,Beach,Outdoor Sports,Lounging,Shopping,Hang Out With Friends,BBQ,Weekend,Party,Tropical Tour,Vacation,Holiday,Hawaii,Swimwear Cover Up,Running,Jogging ,Yoga,Beach Wear,Club.
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Design:Side pocket,Fashionable casual shorts,Back pocket design ,this comfy shorts with two pocket and Drawstring design,to make you the perfect wearing experience.
Womens Comfy Drawstring Casual Elastic Waist Pocketed Shorts Size details:
Small(US 4-6):Waist 26.8 Hip: 43.3 Length 13.4 Inseam 4.5;
Medium (US 8-10):Waist 28.3 Hip 44.9 Length 14.6 Inseam 4.5;
Large(US 12-14):Waist 30.3 Hip 46.9 Length 15.0 Inseam 4.5;
X-Large(US 16-18):Waist 33.5 Hip 50.0 Length 15.4 Inseam 4.5;
XX-Large(US 18-20):Waist 37.0 Hip 53.5 Length 15.7 Inseam 4.5.
Please allow 1-3cm(1cm=0.39inch) differs due to manual measurement,thanks.

Falags Women's Casual Shorts Summer Drawstring Elastic Waist Sol

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