Women's Century Thick Padded Bike Shorts in U -Butt Made Wholesale Pillow- $49 Women's Century Thick Padded Bike Shorts -Butt Pillow- Made in U Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Women's Century Thick Padded Bike Shorts in U -Butt Made Wholesale Pillow- Thick,Century,$49,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Bike,-Butt,in,Women's,/backmost1116293.html,U,Pillow-,saludger.cl,Shorts,Made,Padded Thick,Century,$49,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Bike,-Butt,in,Women's,/backmost1116293.html,U,Pillow-,saludger.cl,Shorts,Made,Padded $49 Women's Century Thick Padded Bike Shorts -Butt Pillow- Made in U Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

Women's Century Thick Padded Bike Shorts in U -Butt Made Wholesale Pillow- Lowest price challenge

Women's Century Thick Padded Bike Shorts -Butt Pillow- Made in U


Women's Century Thick Padded Bike Shorts -Butt Pillow- Made in U

Product Description

Aero Tech Women's Century Thick Padded "Butt Pillow" Cycling Shorts
The Aero Tech Designs' Thick Padded Century Cycling Shorts are made from a smooth stretchy fabric that feels cottony soft yet is a high performance polyester/spandex blend. It is a soft tricot knit with Lycra for stretch during exercise giving a complete freedom for movement.

The short is very comfortable to touch and to wear. The Century Cycling short has a luxury, Italian thick chamois pad for bicycling comfort on longer rides.

The fabric on the women's Century Cycling Shorts is specially constructed with smooth flat lock seams for softness next to the skin and easy stretch-ability. The waist is 1 inch wide with cover-stitched hems. The waist is on the high side so it stays in place and feels invisible once you start riding. Fabric is 83% polyester 17% lycra.

Women's Century Thick Padded Bike Shorts -Butt Pillow- Made in U

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