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Some reservation bollé Messenger Premium Cycling Department store Helmet

bollé Messenger Premium Cycling Helmet


bollé Messenger Premium Cycling Helmet

Product description

The Bolle messenger premium helmet, black 58-61 CM; HiVis will make you enjoy wearing a helmet and will offer maximum protection for your city travels thanks not only to these reflective materials but also its LED system. Equipped with the Bolle click to fits system for a perfect size adjustment, this helmet is also delivered with an interchangeable winter and summer lining for supreme comfort and all-year use.

From the manufacturer

Bollé React Mips Urban Bike Helmet Bollé Eco React Mips Urban Bike Helmet Bollé Stance Mips Urban Bike Helmet Bollé Stance Urban Bike Helmet Bollé Stance Jr Mips Urban Bike Helmet Bollé Stance Jr Urban Bike Helmet
Size S/M/L S/M/L S/M/L S/M/L XS/S XS/S
Avid Progressive Eps - - - -
Removable cap - - - -
Click-To-Fit system
Mips - -
Straps Thin with reflective lines 50% cotton / 50% Polyester With reflective lines With reflective lines With reflective lines With reflective lines
Safety LED - - - -
Shell construction Dual 20% Cork EPS / 40% recycled PC
Lining Coolmax Bamboo fiber
Suitable for E-Bikes - - - -

bollé Messenger Premium Cycling Helmet

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