$37 Goplus 5'×5' Baseball Softball Practice Net Portable Hitting Bat Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $37 Goplus 5'×5' Baseball Softball Practice Net Portable Hitting Bat Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Net,Portable,Baseball,$37,5'×5',Hitting,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Softball,saludger.cl,Bat,Practice,/cephalograph1159395.html,Goplus favorite Goplus 5'×5' Baseball Softball Practice Net Bat Portable Hitting favorite Goplus 5'×5' Baseball Softball Practice Net Bat Portable Hitting Net,Portable,Baseball,$37,5'×5',Hitting,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Softball,saludger.cl,Bat,Practice,/cephalograph1159395.html,Goplus

In stock favorite Goplus 5'×5' Baseball Softball Practice Net Bat Portable Hitting

Goplus 5'×5' Baseball Softball Practice Net Portable Hitting Bat


Goplus 5'×5' Baseball Softball Practice Net Portable Hitting Bat

Product Description

This is our brand new and high quality Goplus baseball/softball training net. It is perfect for practice hitting, fielding, pitching, soft toss, tee ball, it can meet your requirement in practicing baseball and softball individually. It is convenient to practice individually anywhere anytime, and also apply to adults and children.


Color: Orange

Weight: 9lbs

Material: iron pipe+ fiberglass rods

Dimensions: 5’x5’x1.75’

Package includes: 1x Baseball Net, 1x Carry Bag

Goplus 5'×5' Baseball Softball Practice Net Portable Hitting Bat

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