Be super welcome mookaitedecor Bundle - 2 Items: Money Citrine Crystal Amethyst $32 mookaitedecor Bundle - 2 Items: Citrine Amethyst Crystal Money Home Kitchen Home Décor Products /detrimentalness1116154.html,2,Money,$32,Crystal,Bundle,Amethyst,-,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Citrine,mookaitedecor,Items:, $32 mookaitedecor Bundle - 2 Items: Citrine Amethyst Crystal Money Home Kitchen Home Décor Products /detrimentalness1116154.html,2,Money,$32,Crystal,Bundle,Amethyst,-,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Citrine,mookaitedecor,Items:, Be super welcome mookaitedecor Bundle - 2 Items: Money Citrine Crystal Amethyst

Be super welcome mookaitedecor Bundle - 2 Items: Money Citrine Crystal Amethyst Ranking TOP17

mookaitedecor Bundle - 2 Items: Citrine Amethyst Crystal Money


mookaitedecor Bundle - 2 Items: Citrine Amethyst Crystal Money

Product description

The Bundle included one pc crystal bonsai money tree and Orgone Pyramid amp; Orgone Pendulum Set.

Crystals and crystal trees are said to enhance healing energies and focus energies in positive ways. Many people using them as a focus object for meditation and find their visual presence to be calming.

Conbined Pyramid and Pendulum, they are useful tool for reiki healing, meditation yoga, positive energy generation, chakra balancing and wiccan rituals.

These make a perfect gift for friends, family, etc.

mookaitedecor Bundle - 2 Items: Citrine Amethyst Crystal Money

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