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Ride Ranking TOP1 Deadbolt Mens Snowboard Boots trust

Ride Deadbolt Mens Snowboard Boots


Ride Deadbolt Mens Snowboard Boots

Product Description


The Deadbolt is designed for the most demanding riders that want a medium stiff flex for all mountain performance. Fitted with Intuition Mobile Wrap Liner. Boa Tongue Tied Focus provides a two-zone precise fit system for ultimate heel hold. Tongue Tied delivers a secure fit in the ankle and eliminates the need for a traditional harness. Adjustable Power Strap offers added support and response. Michelin Fiberlite Sole combines rubber with a +Slime Midsole for traction and cushioning. The Deadbolt is a responsive all-mountain freestyle boot with the perfect combination of comfort and support.


BOOT LAST 1:1 Lasting, Black Last
BOOT CONSTRUCTION FIT IN2GRATED, Articulated Cuff, 3D Formed Tongue, Removable Liner, Adjustable Power Strap
BOOT CONSTRUCTION COMFORT Heat Reflective Foil, Black Gold Liner Mesh
BOOT LINER FIT Internal J Bars, Internal amp; External J Bars, Cored Ankle Pockets
BOOT LINER INSOLE 3D Formed Dual Denstiy
BOOT OUTSOLE Michelin Fiberlite
BOOT LACING Boa Tongue Tied Focus, The Closer

Ride Deadbolt Mens Snowboard Boots

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