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Adams Manufacturing Men's Ranking TOP17 Baseball P Softball Outlet SALE Combo Umpire

Adams Manufacturing Men's Adams Baseball/Softball Umpire Combo P


Adams Manufacturing Men's Adams Baseball/Softball Umpire Combo P

Product description

Adams flat front stretch combo pants are have a combination leg that is suitable for plate or base use. Made from a poly/spandex stretch twill these pants have some stretch and are very comfortable for all game use. The 2 1/2 inch non-roll easy grip wasteland is a must-have for umpires behind the plate.

Los pantalones combinados elásticos delanteros planos Adams tienen una pierna combinada que es adecuada para uso de placas o base. Hecho de una sarga elástica de poliéster/spandex, estos pantalones tienen algo de estiramiento y son muy cómodos para todo el uso del juego. El páramo de 2 1/2 pulgadas no enrollado fácil agarre es un artículo imprescindible para árbitros detrás de la placa.

Adams Flat-Front Stretch Combo-Hosen haben ein Kombi-Bein, das für Teller oder Unterbau geeignet ist. Hergestellt aus einem Poly/Spandex-Stretch-Twill haben diese Hose etwas Stretch und sind sehr bequem für alle Spiele. Das 6,4 cm große, nicht rollende Easy Grip Wasteland ist ein Muss für Umpires hinter dem Teller.

מכנסיים משולבים נמתחים עם חזית שטוחה של Adams הם בעלי רגל משולבת שמתאימה לשימוש בצלחת או בסיס. עשוי מאריג פולי/ספנדקס נמתח למכנסיים האלה יש מתיחה קלה והם מאוד נוחים לשימוש בכל משחק. השממה 6.5 ס"מ שאינה מתגלגלת לאחיזה קלה היא פריט חובה עבור שופטים מאחורי הצלחת.

As calças combo elásticas da Adams têm uma combinação de perna adequada para uso em prato ou base. Feitas de sarja elástica de poliéster/elastano, estas calças têm um pouco de elasticidade e são muito confortáveis para todos os tipos de jogos. O saco de lixo de 6,35 cm não enrola fácil aderência é um item essencial para os árbitros atrás do prato.

Adams 正面平坦彈性長褲,搭配腿部組合,適合板型或底型使用。 這款褲子採用聚酯纖維 / 彈性纖維彈性斜紋布製成,具有一定的伸縮性,適合所有遊戲使用。 2 1/2 英吋(約 6.5 公分)不捲易握的荒野是盤子後方裁判的必備品。

Adams 正面无褶弹力组合裤有一个组合腿,适合搭配底盘或底盘。 这款裤子采用涤纶/氨纶弹力斜纹布制成,具有一定弹力,适合所有比赛穿着。 2 1/2 英寸(约 6.3 厘米)非滚动易握废土是板后裁判的必备品。

Adams 플랫 프론트 스트레치 콤보 바지는 플레이트 또는 베이스 사용에 적합한 콤비네이션 레그입니다. 폴리/스판덱스 스트레치 능직으로 제작된 이 바지는 약간의 신축성이 있으며 모든 게임에서 매우 편안합니다. 6.4cm(2 1/2인치) 논롤 이지 그립 웨이스트랜드는 플레이트 뒤의 심파이어를 위한 필수품입니다.

Adams Manufacturing Men's Adams Baseball/Softball Umpire Combo P

Our upcoming breakthrough fossil-free technology is the first true steelmaking transformation for centuries. SSAB customers around the world will still get premium high-strength steel, just adapted to the future.

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Extraordinary General Meeting 2021

News in focus

Oct 5 2021

SSAB appoints Leena Craelius as acting CFO

Leena Craelius has been appointed acting CFO at SSAB. She has long experience of the steel industry and has held several senior positions at SSAB. She will take up her new position on November 1, 2021.

Oct 5 2021

SSAB to deliver fossil-free steel to Peab

SSAB and Peab are to collaborate on fossil-free, high-quality steel. This partnership means that Peab is the first construction company to secure fossil-free steel from SSAB for its construction projects.

Oct 1 2021

SSAB highlights fossil-free steel at Expo 2020 Dubai

SSAB will display its plan for fossil-free steelmaking at Expo 2020 in Dubai, as well as highlight the importance of fossil-free value chains as a solution to the climate crisis. A green transition is necessary to tackle climate change, it is also the best business plan, strengthens competitiveness and builds prosperity.

Steel for every need

SSAB is a specialized steel manufacturer. We only make steel grades with qualities that are fine-tuned to make applications stronger, lighter, safer, easier to produce, more long-lasting, fuel efficient and sustainable – all depending on what’s highest on the users’ list of priorities.

  • Strenx® is a high-strength structural steel allowing for innovative design of advanced load-bearing structures that are strong and light.

  • Hardox® is the leading wear-resistant steel with outstanding hardness, toughness and abrasion resistance in the most challenging environments.

  • Docol® is the ultimate automotive steel with a tensile strength span that includes advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) and ultra high-strength steel (UHSS).

  • GreenCoat® is a wide range of innovative, sustainable color coated steel solutions for roofs, façades and rainwater systems.

  • Toolox® is designed to be the market’s most versatile steel for high-speed manufacturing of machine parts, molds and dies.

  • Armox® is an armor steel for the protection of people and property in hazardous environments.

  • COR-TEN® is a striking choice of weathering steel for building façades with practically zero need for maintenance.

  • Duroxite® overlay solutions are wear-resistant hard-faced plates, pipes and pins as well as wire and electrodes for producing overlay parts with exceptional service life.

  • SSAB Boron is a boron-alloyed steel with exacting properties for quench and press hardening.

  • SSAB Domex® is an all-round structural steel suitable for bending, machining and welding.

  • SSAB Form gives high productivity in stamping, drawing, roll forming and other cold forming procedures.

  • SSAB Laser® is a high-strength cold-forming steel with guaranteed flatness, both before and after laser cutting.

  • SSAB Multisteel is a multi-standard steel for structural, shipbuilding and pressure vessel plate in the 260-355 MPa range.

  • SSAB Weathering is a steel which protects itself against the elements, providing exceptionally low life-cycle costs.

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